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Epoxy paint

Paint application on metal parts

Paint application on metal parts based on solid resins and epoxy paints

Paint types and colours: powder paint for inner as well as outer surfaces in all types of finishes: smooth glossy and matte; textured; embossed, etc., available in RAL as well as PANTONE® colours.

Properties: Paint is a decorative product that also provides anti-corrosion properties as long as it is not scratched or damaged by impact.

Types of parts: All types of metal parts and structures for use in all sectors: Automobile, Vending, Construction, Urban furniture, Office furniture, Agricultural, Industrial and others.

Sizes and dimensions of the parts:

  • Static Oven:
    – Height: 2500 mm
    – Width: 1400 mm
    – Lenght: 7500 mm
    – Weight of the part: From 0 to 1500 kilograms
  • Continuous epoxy paint line:
    – Height: 1.700 mm.
    – Width: 750 mm.
    – Length: 6.000 mm.
    – Wieight per hanger: 75/85 kilograms

Quallities and technical paspects:

The new installations of Model Metal are designed and prepared to achieve the best quality for our clients:

  • Quality: C-4 high
  • Quality: C-5 M
  • Quality: C-4 H: Completion of 720 hour corrosion category salt spray test.
  • Quality: C-5 H: Completion of 1440 hour corrosion category salt spray test.
  • TESTING OF THE PROBES: UNE EN ISO 4628-8, ISO 4628-2 to 4628-5.
  • Minimum of 720 hour salt spray test with one run per line and without primer base applied.
  • Minimum of 150 hours of condensation.
  • The main properties of epoxy resin are listed below:
    – Optimum wetting and adherence
    – Good electrical insulation.
    – Good mechanical strength.
    – Resistance to humidity.
    – Resistant to attack by corrosive liquids
    – Resistance to high temperatures.
    – Excellent chemical resistance.
    – Little shrinkage when curing.
    – Excellent adhesive properties.
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