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Metal Working

Lasercutting of sheet metal

ModelMetal, has fibre and CO2 cutting lasers for cutting thickness sizes between 0.5 mm and 25 mm.

This technique is used for cutting metal parts, where the energy source is a laser that concentrates light on the working surface and using a pressurised gas (oxygen, nitrogen), the cut material can be disposed of.

This process is frequently used on parts with complex shapes and/or of greater thickness. Given the accuracy and efficiency of the cut, additional processes are not required to remove burrs.

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Model Metal

Punching sheet metal using a punching machine

This process is used for cutting, making holes and shaping metal using a punch and a die acting as a vice.

In this phase, Model Metal uses complex punching machines controlled y a CNC, with automatic loading and multiple tools.

Foldingof metal parts

At Model Metal we can execute any type of fold on your parts, in a wide range of radii, thicknesses, angles, lengths, etc. To accomplish this, the use of state of the art technology in CNC folding is essential for our production.

Model Metal has folding machines measuring 1 m, 3 m, 5 m and 10 m, with a folding power up to 700 t.

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Model Metal

Weldingand polishing metal parts

ModelMetal, uses different types of welding technology:

  • Static spot welding.
  • Aerial spot welding.
  • Tig welding.
  • Mig welding.
  • Co2 welding.

Painting metal parts with epoxy

Our Epoxy paint treatment line is a modern installation with the latest technology in the sector. It is equipped with inspection equipment that allows controlling all the factors affecting the coating process as well as the quality of the painting during all phases; application tunnel, CNC control and management of water, temperatures, PHs, drying oven, temperature controlled polymerization oven, etc., automatically correcting any incident that occurs in the painting line.

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Model Metal

Polyurethane foamseal injection on doors and parts

This process is frequently used on parts with a hermetic sealing function to prevent water intrusion between two metal parts. An example of this is a metal cabinet and its door. This application seals electrical cabinets and/or any other type of metal box as required preventing humidity and water from entering inside them.

Assemblingof metal parts

Once metal parts are manufactured and painted, we assemble or sub-assemble them, turning them into finished assemblies that can be subsequently packaged and sold by our clients.

Also, we use PEM machines to rivet inserts of different types and sizes.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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Model Metal

Packaging and transportof our products

Model Metal has extensive experience packaging parts and assemblies, which are shipped to our clients using our own means of transportation.